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Why Is Position Management Critical in Today’s Government?

 By Sandra Rouse

Position management in today’s government is critical – and often ignored at a time when it should be inherent in an agency’s decision-making process.  Federal agencies are facing unprecedented challenges in resource management requiring nimble and flexible approaches.  The need to achieve an economical and effective position structure has never been more critical to the proper and responsible use of constrained financial and personnel resources.  Effective position management combined with its fellow program of classification is critical to the success of the agency and organization. The creation and establishment of a position and the organization in which it operates will drive a variety of human resources decisions including salary, benefits, qualifications, and performance and training requirements.

 What Is Position Management?

 Position management is the continuous and systematic process of assuring that organizations and positions are structured efficiently and economically. It is the series of steps that managers and supervisors go through to determine the type of organizational structure that is required to fulfill the function(s) assigned to a particular unit, how many positions are needed, and how positions should be designed.  It is the process used by management to identify and assign duties and responsibilities to a position or group of positions and the structuring of those positions to form an organization that provides for effective and economical accomplishment of work. Resulting position descriptions, the classification of each position, and the number of positions established constitute the overall organizational/position structure.

An effective position management program will assist the agency in achieving a “best balance” of skills and skill levels to achieve the agency’s goals and objectives:

Accomplishment of mission

  • Economy
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Attraction and retention of competent and productive personnel
  • Full and proper utilization of employee skills
  • Motivation and development of employees
  • Effective use of work processes, techniques, and equipment

Good position management –  

  • Results in carefully designed position structure which blends skills and assignments of employees with goal of successfully carrying out organization’s mission or program.
  • Reflects a logical balance between employees needed to carry out major functions of organization and those needed to provide adequate support; between professional employees and technicians; between fully trained employees and trainees; and between supervisors and subordinates.
  • Requires consideration of grade levels for positions involved. Grades should be commensurate with work performed to accomplish organization’s mission and should not exceed those grades needed to perform work of the unit.
  • Results in reasonable and supportable grade levels.
  • Empowers employees through delegation of increased responsibility and authority.

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