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Training in the Time of a Sequester

I was just thinking about writing a blog that spoke to the challenges and importance of providing training, even under the unprecedented impacts of the sequester.  However, the June 2013 edition of the Merit System Protection Board’s (MSPB) Issues of Merit, Director’s Corner column is focused on the importance of employee training during times of austerity, surfacing critical issues such as morale, individual and organizational performance, and employee viewpoints regarding training and development.   I’m happy to say that many of the ideas articulated in the column reflect much of the information I was planning on sharing – so I wanted to share the key elements of the article – and my thinking as well, with you!

Written by the MSPB’s Deputy Director, James Tsugawa, the article highlights and reminds management of the foundation for employee development.  The Seventh Merit Principle, states “Employees should be provided training in cases in which such training would result in better individual and organizational performance.”  Additionally, as discussed in the column, the near and long-term impacts of reducing or eliminating employee development are significant, both in attracting and retaining quality staff, as well as contributing to the overall individual and organizational performance.   I highly recommend this article; it is well-researched and clearly articulates many positive arguments for continuing to push for staff training and development, even in these times of severely constrained resources.

A recent Custard Consulting anecdotal survey regarding training “under the sequester” indicated that agencies don’t have resources for printer cartridges or other small items – within this context, providing staff training may seem almost impossible.  However, as the 4th quarter approaches (really – it’s only 3 weeks away!) – it’s time to recheck your budgets to determine if training can be funded between July 1 and September 30 – or if training can be funded and scheduled, using FY13 funding, but scheduled after the start of the new fiscal year.

Custard Consulting LLC and our partner, Hemsley-Fraser, are happy to provide cost-effective, world-class training opportunities in many areas of Federal human capital and human resources management!  Looking for training to challenge senior staff?  We would recommend our new, 5-star course “Human Resources and Risk Management” – see our websites for additional information regarding this and the course offerings below! As you review and understand your available training resources, you should frequently check our websites, as we are planning on having “sequester special” pricing and other benefits.  Want to get started on planning your 4th quarter training now?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 360-852-8126 or if you’d like to discuss training and sequester pricing at this time!