When I’m teaching workshops, I’m often asked by students how to keep up with technical changes in different HR functions. While there are different forums available, I do recommend signing up for OPM’s electronic distribution lists.   These lists provide technical and functional updates on many issues and topics.  For example, signing up for the classification (see below for link) list means that you’ll be notified of updates and changes in classification, including the issuance of new or draft classification standards.   Here’s a list of OPM’s EDLs for your use!

Classification: http://apps.opm.gov/listserv_apps/listsub.cfm?targetlist=FederalClassification

Federal Records Management: https://listserv.opm.gov/wa.exe?A0=HRFEDREC-L

Compensation Policy: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-lea…ference-materials/compensation-policy-memoranda/

While not all functional areas on the OPM website have electronic list distributions available, they do have contact emails – for example, if you are have questions regarding work-life policies or practices, you could contact: worklife@opm.gov.  Questions regarding the Senior Executive Service could be submitted to SESPolicy@opm.gov.

Researching these resources is another form of keeping up your technical knowledge, as you become familiar with other human resources programs, requirements and flexibilities!