New Year’s Planning – SES Project Plan

As we all approach the end of 2015, it’s time to begin thinking about your career goals for 2016. If one of your goals is selection for the Senior Executive Service (SES), now is the time to begin think about developing or updating your application materials.

As most SES applicants are aware, the creation of an SES application is a significant undertaking (and this is probably an understatement!). Averaging 25 pages (resume, Executive Core Qualifications, and Technical Qualifications), and a minimum of 40 hours of work, application development is not something that can be accomplished in a weekend.  Applying the concept of “what gets written down, get done”, the development of a project plan to support the creation of an SES application may be the best approach for achieving the goal of a competitive SES application.  Additionally, project planning helps to break the project down into manageable steps – such as resume development, identification of leadership achievements for ECQ inclusion, and seeking feedback or other information from current or former managers.  A project plan will ensure that you don’t miss a step, while allowing you to incorporate the specific requirements from a vacancy announcement.

If you are just beginning your SES application, you might also want to add creating an SES job search on USAJOBS to your project plan. And – the simple task of updating your resume may also be daunting as you need to gather significant amounts of detailed information, including dates of employment (month/year), salary, and supervisory contact information.  Again – incorporating this work into your project plan, while breaking it down into smaller steps could assist you in a planned and organized approach to application development.

If you would like additional information or assistance on developing an SES application project plan, please send an email to  The entire SES project planning approach has been described in detail in my book “Managing the Maze – Your Senior Executive Service Application” which can be purchased at the following:

We can also provide information and assistance in the development, editing or coaching in the development of an SES application – give us a call – make it part of your New Year’s resolution!