Custard Consulting LLC is proud to introduce a new partner – The E-Learning Institute for Leadership.  The Institute brings a new focus to the development of management and leadership competencies for organizations.  Their key differentiator is their ability to deliver virtual or on-line learning experiences that are geared to today’s workplace and multi-generational learning styles.  All course delivery is focused on the Institute’s commitment to delivering courses and workshops that are founded in research and development, as they partner with leading universities and clients to develop programs with a learning transfer up to three times greater than the market average.

The E-Learning Institute has just released a new offering –while initially, it may seem to be about time management; the training expands the learning from a traditional time management course to improved skills in addressing work-life balance challenges, priorities and effective “lessons learned” from other course participants! It’s highly recommended!

Want more information about the Institute – please see their website at: or contact Mr. Nicholas Morel, Executive Vice President at or by phone at 514-377-4592