We are proud to announce several key changes in our services and structure. 

Classifiers’ Consortium:  Our vision for the Consortium was always to promote knowledge sharing and to advance the professionalism of the classification occupation.  We are pleased to announce the re-invention of the Classification and Compensation Society.  The Society will be taking a key leadership role in achieving the mission of the Consortium, and Custard Consulting is proud to be part of this exciting new venture.  So – if you are looking for great information on classification, position management and compensation or more information on the Society – see their website at www.classncomp.com or like them on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/classandcompsociety

Senior Executive Service (SES) Writing and Editing:  Custard Consulting has always been a leader in providing training and writing services to assist candidates in creating application materials for SES applicants.  We’ve just updated our services information and offerings – so please review our website for more information: SES Writing Services.

Summer Training:  Just a quick reminder that Custard Consulting if offering some great classes this summer on position classification, position management, SES applications and Pathways.  For more information on our training schedule, please visit our Training Page.

Publications:  Our publications on classification, position management and SES applications continue to be popular – so please visit our Publications Page for more information on ordering!

Questions about our services?  Please feel free to contact Susan Custard at susanc@custardconsulting.com or 360-852-8126!