Last Chance to Sign-up for Managing the Maze – Position Classification Workshop!

Last Chance to Sign-up for Managing the Maze – Position Classification Workshop!  This 5-day workshop, focused on learning experiences that will foster knowledge of classification principles and concepts, will engage learners through the study…Read more

Reference Checking

Reference Checking I was coaching an executive client recently when the conversation led to reference checking.  My client asked about which references to use, and the government’s policy on providing reference checks.  She was…Read more

A One-Page User’s Manual – Identifying, Sustaining and Articulating Your Leadership Skills and Style

 A One-Page User’s Manual An outstanding idea for identifying, sustaining and articulating your leadership skills and style appeared in a recent Corner Office “Openers” interview in the Sunday New York Times Ivar Kroghrud, lead…Read more

Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA) by Ann Garrett

  The National Federation of Federal Employees union recently settled a Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA) grievance filed against the General Services Administration in 2002.   The settlement represents approximately 5,000 employees who will share…Read more

The Definition of “Agency” for Classification Purposes

 INTERPRETING THE DEFINITION OF “AGENCY” FOR CLASSIFICATION PURPOSES The Consortium recently received a request for guidance in applying the term “agency” in a classification workshop. Many position classification standards include references to “agency” in…Read more

Planning Your Training for 2013

Custard Consulting is pleased to announce in partnership with Hemsley Fraser, Inc. its 2013 Workshop schedule. Why attend our training courses? Custard Consulting LLC and Hemsley-Fraser bring an outstanding synergy of technical expertise, competitive…Read more

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