If you are considering the use of a human resources consultant, Custard Consulting can provide you with strategic and operational services. We can leverage our experience to design specific and unique solutions to meet ever-changing and critical HR management needs.

Our Philosophy: Using an employee life cycle strategy, we can help you design a comprehensive and fused strategy to acquire talent, gain efficiencies, and address performance, resulting in a flexible, world-class workforce. We believe that the easy solutions have been implemented – it’s time to take a hard look at your HCM program, find the flexibilities and maximize these opportunities with our expert help.

Integrated Services:

  • Strategic HR Design
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Compensation and Classification
  • Career Management
  • HR Project Management

As both a woman-owned and veteran-owned company, Custard Consulting LLC continues a proud history of providing outstanding Human Resource solutions to Federal managers. Susan Custard, Principal, is committed to taking your business to its highest level through Human Resource services, management training, and talent acquisition programs.

Learn more about why our consulting firm is the best choice for you as a candidate in finding a Federal job or for your company in obtaining first-class Human Resource services by contacting us at susanc@custardconsulting.com or (888) 804-5948.

Our History:

Originally founded in 2002, Custard Consulting LLC began as a sole proprietorship, with its Principal, Susan Custard, working as a freelancer to assist clients in the development of competitive application materials for the Senior Executive Service of the Federal government.

In 2009, Custard Consulting LLC was formalized as a limited partnership, to offer Human Resources advisory services to management, HR and individual clients. Over time, Custard Consulting LLC is a premier HR advisory services organization, focused on bringing world-class services to assist organizations in optimizing their human resources.

Our Clients:

Panama Canal Authority:  Custard Consulting LLC recently delivered a five-day classification workshop to the Panama Canal Authority Human Resources staff in Panama City, Panama.  This workshop, customized for the PCA, addressed classification and position management theories, practices, and policies, covering both General Schedule and Federal Wage System positions.  The Panama Canal has retained use of a Title-5 like human resources structure, requiring training and updates in the application of classification rules, regulations and applications.

Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD): Custard Consulting LLC has provided multiple workshops to OSD (AT&L) staff to assist in the development and creation of a competitive SES selection package.  This workshop has been rated as “5-stars!” by participants!

US Recovery and Accountability Transparency Board:  Custard Consulting was selected to provide several different services to the RATB, including workshops to assist RATB employees in the Federal job search process, creating a competitive Senior Executive Service (SES) application, and career management services.

US Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service:  Custard Consulting LLC has become a trusted resource to FSIS in the development of application materials for the SES, ensuring selectee packages are appropriately developed to meet the review requirements of the USDA Executive Resources Board and the Office of Personnel Management’s Qualifications Review Board.

US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Oregon Office:  Custard Consulting LLC has provided a variety of management advisory, audit and classification services to the NRCS Oregon office, assisting the Deputy Conservationist and the HR staff in identifying solutions to various HR challenges.

US Department of Veterans Affairs:  Through a competitive selection process, Custard Consulting LLC was selected to provide a comprehensive, three-day pay setting workshop for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Central Business Office, Topeka, KS.  The workshop provided participants with in-depth training on General Schedule, Federal Wage System and Title 38 pay setting theories, policies and practices.

US Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA):  Through a competitive selection process, Custard Consulting LLC was selected to provide training to the HR staff in the areas of Federal pay setting, position classification and position management.  ”.

US Department of Transportation, John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center: Custard Consulting LLC has proudly served as the prime HR services provider to the US Department of Transportation, John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, a unique research and development arm of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA). In this role, Custard Consulting LLC has provided an array of HR strategic and operational support to the Volpe Center.

Environmental Protection Agency: As a subcontractor, Custard Consulting LLC is providing HR expertise and management advisory services to the Environmental Protection Agency in the areas of workforce planning, classification, strategic diversity planning, and special projects to assist management in the optimization of the EPA workforce.

National Defense University: Completed a comprehensive salary and talent management review, identifying best practices in education resource management, and comparing Title 10 positions to appropriate levels for salary comparisons and recommendations.

Morgan State University: Selected to complete survey to identify potential compensation disparities and develop recommendations to address any disparities identified.

Individual Clients: Custard Consulting LLC has provided coaching and support to more than 1000 satisfied clients seeking job guidance and career management services. We partner with other career coaches and life coaches to assist clients in maximizing their personal investments – and encourage Federal employment opportunities. We specialize in guiding executive service clients in the creation of a highly-competitive application package.